Who is your history crush?

Let us know; requests & submissions are open!

  1. la-souris answered: Doc Holliday!
  2. imjustheretoheartthings answered: Caracalla. Unffff
  3. lipsredasroses answered: Alice Paul… love that woman.
  4. ghostofharrenhal answered: andrew hamilton
  5. fotheringhay answered: Richard III…
  6. spiffingsailor answered: Lord Nelson
  7. keyofmgy answered: Jack Phillips.
  8. poplarforest answered: Thomas Jefferson!
  9. pissyeti answered: Lord Byron! /swoons
  10. taemins-bowlcut answered: Fucking Virginia Woolf also can I just have any of the founding fathers just unf
  11. bringme-thathorizon answered: julius caesar! fdr. teddy roosevelt.
  12. afightforloveandglory answered: any kennedy. henry clay.
  13. headlessfashion answered: Louis Antoine St-Just. Also Marat, kind of. And Thomas Jefferson!
  14. thenicephish answered: albrect durer!
  15. kashtan answered: Bagration
  16. ladyypreshpresh answered: augustus had some balls, catherine the great was cool too. she had girl balls.
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