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I was wondering if any of you lovely mods had a suggestion for (auto)biographies or accurate historical fiction? I don’t have a preference on what it’s about as long as it’s well written :)

p.s. your tumblr is the best thing I have seen on the internet!!

Thank you kindly, Anon! AND CERTAINLY! I’ve read quite a lot of historical fiction! I don’t know if I have impeccable taste or not, but I’ve generally enjoyed most of what I read. Unfortunately I haven’t read too much in the way of autobiographies, but I’m currently working on a biography about the Romanovs that has been quite good:

  • Nicholas and Alexandra - Robert K. Massie
  • The Romanovs: The Final Chapter - Robert K. Massie

If any followers have suggestions for autobiographies for Anon do let us know!

As for historical fiction, well, I’m more knowledgeable in that area, though I still don’t get to read as much as I’d like to I’ll try and cover everything I can think of that I enjoyed!

I am a huge Irish history nerd, and these two were really great and also quite accurate:

  • Silent People - Walter Macken
  • Star of the Sea - Joseph O’Connor

I’m also a huge cathedral nerd, and I’m currently working on this book, it feels a little long but has been very good nonetheless:

  • The Pillars of the Earth - Ken Follett

Steven Saylor writes some great Roman Republic historical fiction. He always lists his sources in the afterword as well. Try:

  • Roman Blood - Steven Saylor
  • A Murder on the Appian Way - Steven Saylor

Sharon Kay Penman is a great historical fiction author. There’s a trilogy about 13th century England and Wales, though I’ve only read the first one it seemed quite accurate to me:

  • Here Be Dragons - Sharon Kay Penman

She also wrote a biographical novel of Richard III of England, I started it and never got back to it but I really should because it was quite good:

  • The Sunne in Splendour - Sharon Kay Penman

Another great book set in the Middle Ages that follows the Crusades:

  • Massacre at Montsegur: A History of the Albigensian Crusade - Zoe Oldenbourg

One book I actually had to read back when I was in school and it turned out being quite brilliant, it was about Theseus:

  • The King Must Die - Mary Renault

Great read about the American Civil War, I think it’s a series I can’t quite remember, I haven’t read it myself but I hear good things:

  • The Killer Angels - Michael Shaara

For the American Revolution, try this one out:

  • Rise to Rebellion: A Novel of the American Revolution - Jeff Shaara

While I have yet to read it, I hear that Flashman is incredibly good and humorous while still being historically accurate. Definitely on my NEED TO READ list:

  • Flashman - George MacDonald Fraser

Another I haven’t read but heard good things about; Alison Weir writes a lot of historical non-fiction revolving around the Tudors, so I imagine her historical fiction is pretty accurate as well.

  • Innocent Traitor: A Novel of Lady Jane Grey - Alison Weir

HMM I think that’s really all I have for you at the moment! If any followers have other suggestions for historically accurate fiction, please do drop a line!

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